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Detroit has been an automotive center since the early days/years (= the beginning time) of car manufacturing.
In earlier books (1990, 1995), he has introduced much-needed grammatical sophistication into research on human linguistic prehistory.
Thus, although a narrator”s views are evident covertly through her choice of story, the overt message emanates from the characters or earlier tellers.
All the transcripts for the child prior to the offer of that word were searched to identify any earlier adult or child uses.
Establishing what these functions were requires recourse to our analysis of earlier talk and other conversation-external data.
In the face of this strong impetus to stay on the earlier theme, the new direction of talk actually gets taken up.
We lack the quantitative data from earlier par ts of the 20th century that would conclusively suppor t the diachronic account just outlined.
We also provide a detailed comparison of our results with those in the earlier literature that studies the dynamics of the home sector.
When such members lost, they were much less likely to lose to another non-conformist in the 1980s and 1990s than in earlier decades.

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With the techniques of the earlier sections, we are able to solve these initial boundary value problems explicitly.
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