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-Estimated trophy difficulty: N/A (not enough votes in difficulty thread)-Offline: 22 (4


, 9


, 8


, 1


)-Online: 0-Approximate amount of time to Platinum: 100-150 hours-Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1+Stage Select -Number of missable trophies: None (stage select)-Glitched trophies: None-Does difficulty affect trophies?: Yes-Do cheat codes disable trophies?: N/A (No cheats available)-Do difficulty trophies stack?: N/A


This is a trophy guide and roadmap for Musou Orochi Z. There is no NA or EU version of this game. Musou Orochi Z is the PS3 release of two former PS2 games, titled (in North America) “Warriors: Orochi” and “Warriors: Orochi 2,” together with a few extra characters and stages. The game concerns the efforts of the warriors of the Three Kingdoms and the Sengoku period, as they team up to stop the evil Orochi who has conquered their worlds.

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The game is standard hack-and-slash from the Dynasty Warriors series, so the combat is not difficult. However, with very few exceptions, the entire game is in Japanese. For this reason, the road map that follows will be more detailed than usual. I myself do not read Japanese, and had to struggle to overcome the language barrier. I hope this guide makes it easier for any other players.WalkthroughStep 1: Complete all of the musou story modes.

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Put the difficulty on “Easy” for each level. You should go through and beat the Shu, Wei, Wu, Sengoku (Samurai Warriors), and Orochi tracks before you do anything else. This should unlock every character except for Dodomeki, Gyuki and Orochi X. During this time, you will probably obtain three bronze trophies (all of them except for “Win a Match in Survival Mode”), as well as 5 silvers (for beating each of the musou tracks) and a couple of others here and there. In addition, you will probably unlock the silver trophy for getting 1000 kills in a single level.Play through every stage that you can (in particular, play through the lower-track stages as they unlock), but don't worry about anything except for beating officers and getting through the level. Don't worry if you aren't able to unlock the very last lower-track mission in the first parts of the stories. There will come a time when you have to complete levels in a certain way, but this isn't the time. I literally went through and killed everything in front of me. Your other officers should generally be fine. The only one that died was Yue Ying (which unfortunately ended the stage in failure), on the second or third level for Shu (when you save her from the cage cart), so stay near her. If you are still having trouble, consult, e.g., the gamefaqs guides from Warriors Orochi or Warriors Orochi 2.After each level, you should get weapons. Adjust them however you want – it won't matter, because on easy level, you will have no trouble no matter what you do. If you want to try to create weapons to sacrifice for weapon skills, this is a pretty good time for this, but you'll have plenty of time later on. Consult my thread Orochi Z Weapon Skills for more info. If you are doing this, you should focus on getting the skills Evasion and Almighty. There are some other worthwhile skills, but these literally break the bank.

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In addition, you should receive plenty of experience points after each stage (much more than you'll be spending on weapons). You should spend them to level up other officers. I really like officers that have long, sweeping weapons, as well as Kunoichi. But in the end, you can probably get away with using Gracia, if you like her (for some odd reason). If I had to choose, I'd say work on people like Kunoichi (you'll get her early), Guan Yu, and later Orochi, Lu Bu, Tadakatsu, etc.Step 2: Obtain all SkillsAgain, use only easy difficulty. You will now gain all of the skills in the game. The best place IMHO for this is Wu 2X (i.e. the stage below Wu 2 on the story screen, or the first stage on the lower track). This stage holds 13 officers and a ton of soldiers. Moreover, you can end the stage at any time by riding/running into the SE corner and defeating Mitsuhide. All in all, the level will take about 1-4 minutes per run, and averaged for me at around 2:30. With few exceptions, I was able to get three skills a runthrough.Take three officers at a time, and start getting their skills. Consult my thread Orochi Z Stuff for more details regarding how to get skills.The basic gist is this:1) Don't ever use Musou.2) Large numbers (30 or more) tell you how many soldiers you need to kill, or what percentage of life you must stay above. On Easy mode, you'll never have to worry about life, so focus on killing soldiers.3) Smaller numbers tell you how many minutes you have to accomplish a task, or how many officers you have to kill. Again, on easy mode, time shouldn't be a factor, so focus on killing officers.4) When you get a skill, the words “Get Ability!” will appear in blue on the screen. That's your cue to switch to another officer (you can only gain one skill per officer in each stage).I would generally equip all blue skills except for the second one (enhances musou, which is useless from (1)), as well as the first and 2nd-to-last yellow skills (“Acclaim,” which increases the amount of experience you get at the end of the stage, and “Recover,” which constantly increases your life). As before, when your experience gets high, spend it to increase abilities, giving priority to Sun Wukong and Kunoichi. When you obtain all skills, you should get your first gold trophy.If you have a second controller, you can get twice as many skills per level. Simply play with two teams. 6 people means more skills. You probably can't use Wu 2X, as there aren't enough people there, but if you can find a good, quick stage, you might save time. (Thanks to MitMat)