Học Viện Ninja – Naruto Đại Chiến Mod Apk Download


Not only that, Naruto Dai Chien Mobile will give tha players a chance to subdue their pets with Chinh phuc Vy Thu. After the update, Hoa Quoc will have “Thao phat Vi Thu”, where level 45 players can join in. Everyday, one Vi Thu will show up for players to subdue, each Vi Thu will have different way to defeat.

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Beside, in this update, Hoc vien Ninja in Naruto Đại Chiến Mobile will have some changes. And many more characters will show up, include Danzo and Hokage the Second.

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For more information about Naruto Dai Chien Mobile, please visit its Homepage and Fanpage.

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Thanks, Naruto Dai Chien. Images by Naruto Dai Chien.