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Naruto: 10 Quotes From The Franchise That We Still Live By Naruto is one of the longest-running anime and has provided many quotable moments. Here are 10 quotes that we still live by.

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Among the highest-ranked anime of all time, Naruto and Naruto Shippuden stand as top contenders. The franchise”s combined high episode count provides ample opportunity for deep character development, dynamic narrative progression, as well as top-notch fights and action sequences.

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Included in its arsenal of strengths is the memorable dialogue that ranges from inspirational monologues to tense exchanges between mortal enemies and friends. Both series have no shortage of moving lines of dialogue that stir strong emotions in its viewers. Whether it”s Sasuke explaining his dark philosophies or Naruto showing endless perseverance, here are our favorite quotes from the Naruto franchise that we still live by.

Naruto”s official motto in life, “Believe it!” has been used countless times by Naruto, but this doesn”t take away from its impact and importance. Sometimes in life, it”s hard to find a goal you”re passionate about, and it”s even more difficult to commit to that goal and see it through.

“Believe it!” serves as a reminder to all of us that staying positive and supporting and pursuing our own dreams are of the highest importance. It also reminds us to try to commit to our goals in life and ultimately achieve them.

9 “I’m A Genin, Honored With The Name Of This Village. My Surname Is Sarutobi, And My Given Name Is Konohamaru! You WILL Remember Me!”

In his short battle with one of the Six Paths of Pain, Konohamaru shows inspiring bravery when he heroically confronts the Leaf Village invader. Not only does this young genin show control over his fear, but he also shows pride in his village and lineage.

This epic delivery in the face of death shows us that even when the odds seem insurmountable and defeat is all but guaranteed, sometimes a little bit of courage (and a dash of luck) is all you need.

Modesty can go a long way in life, and this Naruto character is the epitome of the word. Despite being a skilled fighter that was able to fend off various summons from Pain, Gamaken never gives himself any credit, constantly referencing his supposed lack of grace. He”s so overly modest and we love him for it!

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Gamaken reminds us to stay humble about ourselves and our achievements. Humility will make your opponents underestimate you in everything that you do, giving you the edge in any challenge.

While this quote from Pain seemingly has a dark message about suffering, we prefer to think of it in a more positive light. Loss is a part of the growth of life, and any problem you”re facing now will only make you stronger later.

Similar to the saying that teaches us we have to fall to learn how to pick ourselves back up, or that we can”t have light in our lives without a little darkness, we like to remember this quote when things aren”t quite going our way.

This is another seemingly dark message that is more positive than it sounds. Sasuke shutting his eyes and seeking things in the darkness can be compared to people closing themselves off from negative distractions in life and pushing forward with their own goals and dreams.

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Whether it”s toxic relationships or personal vices, we all face negativity in our lives. Sometimes the only way to move forward is to close your eyes to these distractions and, in the darkness behind your shut eyes, pursue your passions and ambitions.

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5 “The True Measure Of A Shinobi Is Not How He Lives, But How He Dies.”

When Jiraya is tragically killed by the Six Paths of Pain, he has a touching introspective moment as he thinks about his student and protégé Naruto in his final minutes. What this quote means to us is that anyone can rise above their past with the actions they take in the present.

There”s always a chance to do the right thing or make-up for some mistake as long as you”re truly sorry and are willing to grow and become the best version of yourself that you can possibly be.

4 “So I Was Not Born With A Whole Lot Of Natural Talent… But I Work Hard And I Never Give Up. That Is My Gift. That Is MY Ninja Way!”

Few characters in Naruto work as hard or are as inspiring as Rock Lee. He is a beloved minor character, and for good reason. Lacking the skill necessary to be able to use genjutsu or ninjutsu, Rock Lee makes up for this disadvantage with sheer willpower and confidence while also dedicating himself to the art of taijutsu.

He teaches us to never sell yourself short, and that hard work and perseverance always pays off. When you support and believe in yourself, almost anything is possible.

3 “All I”ve Been Doing Is Watching You Two From Behind… Now, Get A Good Luck At My Back!”

While Sakura has her highs and lows throughout the Naruto franchise that make her difficult to identify with at times, no one can deny the immense amount of growth she goes through over the course of both shows. When she says that it”s time for Sasuke and Naruto to look at her back, Sakura is reminding all of us that she”s tired of playing second fiddle and now it”s her turn to shine.

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It”s never fun being sidelined and undervalued, especially as a woman in Sakura”s case, and watching her put her foot down is the kind of strength we love to see from Sakura.

2 “If He Tears Off My Arms, I’ll Just Kick Him Dead. If He Tears Off My Legs, I’ll Bite Him Dead… I’m Going To Beat Orochimaru And Take My Friend Sasuke Back Once And For All.”

Naruto”s devotion to Sasuke, even after all the terrible things he did throughout the series, is a level of friendship that anyone should hope to be able to have. He”s willing to do anything and to go any distance to bring Sasuke back home, and we love him for it.

Naruto reminds us never to give up on our friends when you know they need your help. No matter what gets in their way, a true friend will dive into the shadows to pull their buddy back to the light.

1 “Those Who Break The Rules Are Scum… But, Those Who Abandon Their Friends Are Worse Than Scum.”

This line of dialogue from Kakashi happens early in the original Naruto series but stays true all the way through to the final credits of Shippuden. Kakashi teaches all of us that abandoning your friends in their time of need is dishonorable and disgraceful.

This is our favorite quote from Naruto to live by because not only is it the most applicable in real life, but it”s without a doubt one of the most important lessons that you could ever learn from the show.

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