Download Resetter Epson L310 Printer, How To Reset Epson L310 With Resetter

Resetter Epson L310: Hello is a term that everyone uses onblink ink in printers, it experiences a maximum limit, the red indicator lightis turned on and marked with the position of the fixed head without moving atany time after the power button.

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The right In this case, the resetter discusses the 1st download file about theprinter, then extract the file and open theAdjProg.exe file. Select the special adjustment mode. The next step isto select the reset printer series. Select Waste Ink Counter in Special Adjustment Mode.

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Now let” set up and connect the computer to the internetconnection, then click the Epson L310 printer to the computer via USB cableWait a while for the printer power and printer to be ready to work.

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And reset softwarethen click on read waste counters next to the printer, and then check from theprinter” page counters, Then click on Reset Counters Waste, and then enter EnterReset key and click OK to reset page counter.The reset waste ink pad you need to click OK once it powersoff and then finishes clearing its waste ink pad counter on the printer.

Resetter Epson L310: Reset Full Details Step By Step

Open the “” Epson AdjustmentProgram

·select printer model & USB Port : USB001·Click on “ Adjustment Mode”·—— Maintenance —–·Click on the next button “ Ink PadCounter.”·”” the main pad counter (right mark)·Check the current counterValue…>””·Will showing main pad counter 6200 points (100%)·Check the Main ink pad (right mark) click on””·Click on “”, and then turn off Printer& Turn On. ·Waste ink pad counter 100% points to 0% Resettled”” program. ProcessCompleted Check test print
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