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Don’t sit idly by! Grab your mobile devices and get your very own Idle Heroes account.Assemble a gnarly rag-tag bunch of heroes, raise their stats and improve theirequipment as you take on opponents for various rewards. At, yougain access to the most coveted game accounts on the web!

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How to Receive Your Idle Heroes Account?

You”ll receive the account details within a time limit specified in the offer list. If it says ‘Instant”, you”ll get it through the onsite messaging within five minutes of confirming payment. Otherwise, the seller will send it to you within the time indicated.

Check the account when they”ve given the information. Doing that has two purposes. One is to confirm the validity of the details. The second is to look for any inconsistencies with the account you received and the one they advertised. If everything checks out, confirm the delivery and change the password.

You can then enjoy your new Idle Heroes account!

What Makes a Good Idle Heroes Account?

Here are some things to consider when choosing an account to buy. You”ll want to get your money”s worth, so it”s prudent to consider these things when making your decision.


With a title like ‘Idle Heroes”, of course the heroes would be the main focus of the game. As you play, you”ll build up a roster of strong heroes to fight against all kinds of enemies. Although only six heroes can fight, collectors will still appreciate a complete roster of all gold tier heroes. Others may focus more on what level or the potential power they can have.

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When all”s said and done, it is important to consider what heroes are already included in the account”s roster.

VIP Level

Players receive VIP status upon buying a certain amount of gems or packages from the game”s store. Each gem and package reward VIP Points. Get enough points, and you can level up your VIP status. The maximum level is 13, and it confers useful benefits. What”s more, reaching the next VIP level rewards players with extra heroes and equipment.

You can cut down on the cost and buy an account with a high VIP level instead!


Guilds, in any form, let players connect and cooperate with one another. In addition to that, joining one gives access to the Guild Store and Guild Mill. It also grants access to Guild Raids and Wars. Lastly, it allows the player to collect Guild Coins for use in the Guild Tech. Even if they leave the guild, it will still be accessible, and they just won”t be able to get more coins or upgrade it.

Of course, you can choose to buy an account without a guild and just join one you like later. However, that doesn”t have the advantage of having some coins invested already. That is, unless the former owner quits the guild before selling.

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From equipment to resources like hero shards and Prophet Orbs, choose the account with a sizeable store of these things. It would really ease your upgrading and farming efforts, since you won”t have to start from scratch. Depending on what”s in the inventory and roster, you can even get a considerable head start on awakening the heroes you want.


If personalization is your thing, accounts with the skins you want would be a factor. You can get them through playing the game and gathering Universal Skin Shards. However, why would you want to go through all that effort when you can just buy an account with the skins you want?

With that, you”ll find no better place than to find an account with all these qualities. We provide an efficient, secure, fast, and cheap marketplace service for all your player-to-player trading needs. What are you waiting for? Sign up now, and kick start the trading community for Idle Heroes!