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Mobile Naruto RPG

Fans of the popular anime and manga series, Naruto, can now training the shinobi hopefuls with this mobile game. Ninja Heroes is a role-playing game, developed by REDGAMESTUDIO, set in the Naruto universe. Here, you can train the ninjas from the series to face of There are more than 100 characters to unlock. Although the game starts with Naruto, there will be other characters from other series.

Unleash your Jutsu

Ninja Heroes offers one-on-one battles. Here, you can pit your shinobi against a Like other fighting games, the battles will on the health bar on top of the Once your health is depleted, you will lose the game. Unlike other Naruto-based games, this game comes with a simplified combat system. The fights are so simple that you don’t have to do anything, just watch how the battle unfolds.

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Luckily, its game feature saves its lackluster combat system. In the battles, each character launches the same special attacks in the original anime, which relives the thrilling matches fans saw in the series. More than the battles, the game also lets you train your shinobis. You can visit the ninja village to learn new techniques and improve your ninja attributes, which increases the chances of winning battles. You can also recruit more ninjas to your cause and change the lineup from the attacking team.

More than the familiar characters, the game also brings the iconic landscapes from the series. Additionally, the game has astounding graphics that stay true to the anime. The big twist in the game, however, is the team-based action system. Here, you can do hand-to-hand combat against more

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Train the greatest shinobi

Ninja Heroes is an RPG that will appeal to the Naruto fans out there. Not only does it include the anime characters you have come to love, but it also stayed true to the special techniques introduced in the show. Moreover, it also brings the iconic landscape from the Naruto-verse, all in outstanding graphics. The combat system is a bit feeble compared with other similar games. But if you wish to relive the Naruto series, this game is worth a try.