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7 Multiplayer Games Best Played Solo (& 8 With Friends) There are plenty of multiplayer games that are best enjoyed with friends, but just as many that you should play by yourself.

Overwatch 2 Dead by Daylight Animal Crossing New Horizons

Multiplayer games are designed to bring players together to work as a team. Many players will gather their friends in order to party up. From there, they will go online to work together and defeat the enemy team. However, there are times that playing with friends is not as fun as playing solo.

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There is a slew of multiplayer games that are better with friends, but there are also plenty that are better by yourself. Many people base their purchases off whether their friends will play. The games on this list will help you determine if that really matters.

Updated December 31st, 2020 by Tanner Kinney: Multiplayer, as a concept, is in the eye of the player and their creativity. Classic games like The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, for example, have gained multiplayer modes through emulation and modding. Two-player, one-controller gameplay is also a possibility for the brave and the bold. Even the worst games can be fun with a friend, as they are suffering right along with you. At the same time, some games that allow multiplayer absolutely shouldn”t be. Despite what some may say, every adventure is not always better with a friend.

15 FRIENDS: Warhammer: Vermintide

Warhammer Vermintide 2 Bardin the Dwarf
Some of the best multiplayer experiences are ones that allow for cooperative PvE gameplay. There are people who don”t like to compete with their friends, instead focusing on playing as a team and taking out hordes of monsters. In the same vein as Left 4 Dead, the cooperative action game Vermintide (and its sequel) are fantastic with a full party.

Each character takes on a different character, which fulfill different roles in combat. Each class has ways to build into both melee and ranged combat, but some characters are better than others at tanking or sniping, for instance. When the hordes are battering down, having a balanced team composition is vital. The game can be played solo with AI companions, but it”s much more satisfying to play as a group.

14 SOLO: Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley Nintendo Switch Online Multiplayer
In what may be a pleasant surprise to some, Stardew Valley is a multiplayer title on nearly every platform now. The Harvest Moon-inspired farm/life simulator is a favorite among a lot of different players, and wildly addictive. There are so many different ways to play the game and make money that players will all find their little slice of gameplay (and bachelor) to fall in love with.

However, it”s both easier and harder to do your own thing in Stardew Valley multiplayer. It is possible to optimize the farm by splitting work between two people, but the lack of ability to pause the game and think about making decisions effects the flow of the game significantly. Plus, cooperating with another person to build one complete farm isn”t as easy as it sounds. It is fun to do certain parts of the game with friends, but the whole experience is more satisfying solo.

13 FRIENDS: Super Smash Bros.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate Four Player Battle Mario Hero Samus Inkling
This applies to every single entry in the Super Smash Bros. series. It seems a bit obvious to point out that this juggernaut platform fighter is better with other people, but that doesn”t make it any less true. There”s only so much enjoyment to squeeze out of the generally disappointing single-player offerings in any of the Smash Bros. games.

Even with single-player campaigns, many of them are open to being played co-op. The Subspace Emissary especially is an absolute blast to play through with another person. Some co-op modes are less-than good, but the main multiplayer battles are what most people are there for. Party game or not, Super Smash Bros. is at its best with another person.

12 SOLO: Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Animal Crossing New Horizons Beach Party
Animal Crossing: New Horizons is not a perfect game, but it was the perfect game for the moment in time it released. There”s something so simple and satisfying about playing the game and sharing your creations with a community. Although it can feel a little bad to be outpaced by those with a time machine, that”s just another option to let people play at their own pace.

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However, despite their best efforts, the game is awful to play multiplayer. Needlessly long text conversations and flight cutscenes aside, there”s very little that two players can do simultaneously. It would be a change of pace to work with someone else on a big island project, but visitors are incredibly limited on what they can even do on another person”s island. Hanging out with people is fun, but that”s about all the multiplayer in New Horizons is good at doing.

11 FRIENDS: League Of Legends

League of Legends is one of the most miserable solo experiences out there. Without simply muting every other player at start of every single game, it”s a guarantee to run into some “interesting” people in both normal and ranked matches. The community is widely cited as being one of the absolute worst, and for the most part they live up to it. The best feature Wild Rift could add is deleting chat entirely, like TFT Mobile.

And yet, the game is still a lot of fun with friends. Whether it”s through battling it out with bizarre team compositions in normal draft games, or competing for glory in Clash matches, any group of friends can have fun on their terms. That doesn”t change the fact you”re still playing League of Legends, which is a terrible idea, but it is the best way to get the most out of the game in a casual setting.

10 SOLO: Fortnite

Fortnite has taken the world by storm, but some may argue playing solos is better than getting a squad together. If your friends will not hop onto the Fortnite train, then there is no need to worry. The game is perfect for parties of one.

Many battle royale games have solo modes, which make them great options when it comes to not having any friends who want to play. Fortnite“s gameplay is also very dynamic, so players can get enjoyment for hours.

9 FRIENDS: Overwatch

Hero-based shooters are best played with groups of friends. If you are playing online by yourself, then you may run into some toxic community members or teammates who may not see eye-to-eye. Overwatch requires a lot of coordination in order for teams to win. If a single teammate is on the wrong page, then it could cost a win.

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So, try to gather six friends and hop into ranked. You can work together in order to defeat the enemy team. Call out enemies, flanks, and ultimate abilities. These will help you be successful in a competitive shooter like Overwatch.

8 SOLO: Grand Theft Auto Online

Rockstar has done a phenomenal job at supporting Grand Theft Auto Online after its launch. This game has received constant updates and content drops that have given players plenty to chew on. GTA: V is on the best selling games of all time, so the community is still active to this day.

If you just want to run around and shoot others in the middle of a giant city, then GTA Online is the right choice. You will not have to worry about having friends to have fun. This game has plenty of fun to give for solo players.

7 FRIENDS: Rainbow Six Siege

This tactical shooter is significantly better than what it was at launch. Players flocked to Rainbow Six Siege after Ubisoft turned it around not long after its release. Since then, they have added numerous operators for players to try. Siege is best played with a team so you can call out enemies and suggest tactics.

A tactical shooter like Rainbow Six Siege is best played with friends because it helps the entire team improve and win. Players will learn from their mistakes, and teammates can suggest certain strategies to their team. Gather your fellow operators and start defending in Siege.

6 SOLO: Destiny 2

A shared-world shooter may seem like it would be better with friends, but Destiny 2 has a very rich community. Players are constantly working with each other to find the best weapons and pieces of equipment. Destiny 2 raids also help solo players work together to overcome a common obstacle.

In the process of playing Destiny 2 solo, you may discover friends and join each other later. Nonetheless, this game is still a great option when it comes to solo play. There is a lot to dive into when starting Destiny 2.

5 FRIENDS: Dead By Daylight

Dead by Daylight is all about surviving from a deadly killer. Four players will go up against a menacing killer, and it is their job to escape. Dead by Daylight has no voice chat, so the game almost requires friends. Groups of friends should party-up using the Xbox or PlayStation party systems.

For PC players, Discord is a great option. Groups of friends that party-up are able to call out where the killer and if they might be camping. These shout-outs are beneficial when trying to escape a crazed killer.

4 SOLO: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is the best selling CoD game of this generation of consoles. The fact that it has cross-play also helps the community band together. PS4 and Xbox players can easily jump into a match and play on their own.

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Many CoD players use in-game chat to talk to their teammates, so there is no need to have friends to play. The gunfight game mode also pairs players with a partner. If you end up enjoying your partner”s company, then you may make a friend. Regardless, you will have a blast with or without friends.

3 FRIENDS: Minecraft

The world of Minecraft is very full of animals and creatures. Unfortunately, it can feel very empty without friends. Playing Minecraft is a very solitary experience, which some may enjoy, but it is best played with friends.

Playing Minecraft with friends is an engaging experience. Players are capable of mining and defending their homes together. Moreover, the building process is faster when there are multiple people in the world. Of course, you can also troll your friend with dynamite if you so choose.

2 SOLO: Warframe

Warframe is a very dense game. There is a lot of content for players to get through, which makes it a perfect choice for solo players. You are welcome to join other players in the fight against the Grineer or Corpus, but a solo play is just as fun or better.

Players can dive into a mission to collect a specific blueprint, mod, or resource and not have worry about what their friends need. A solo player can choose what they want to achieve and go for it rather than helping a friend. Warframe is very customizable, which is great for solo, as not everyone wants the same stuff.

1 FRIENDS: Apex Legends

Apex Legends mashes together hero-based shooters and battle royale games. The two genres have made an excellent game that is best played with friends. You do not need a lot of friends for Apex Legends, as there are only teams of three. Grab your two best friends and jump into a game.

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Winning a match in Apex Legends is impacted by the team composition. There needs to be a good composition in order for the team to have a chance of winning the match. So, do not launch yourself into a game with two other randoms. Make some friends and party-up for Apex Legends.