a path through a countryside, mountain, or forest area, often made or used for a particular purpose:

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lớn (allow something to) move slowly along the ground or through the air or water, after someone or something:
< I always + adv/prep > A string of police cars led the president’s limousine & others trailed behind.
History suggests that consumer spending declines usually trail consumer confidence declines by about 3 months.

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acquisition/campaign/comebaông xã trail The bank"s acquisition trail across the globe might slow a little although it continues khổng lồ look at potential opportunities.
Netscape và Hotmail were both swallowed up after blazing the trail for larger, less agile competitors.

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Over the past 12 months, the company has underperformed the index by over 20%, leaving a trail of disappointed investors.
Each group contains a strong, active sầu, leading edge & a slowly decaying trailing edge (figure 10a).
One arose from strong vortex motions near the trailing edge of a device, and the other arose from erratic cross-stream movements of the flow pattern.
While a 20-km sacbe may have been symbolic, it was also, strictly speaking, very practical: goods move faster on highways than on hiking trails.
Collisions will also influence the electron binding energies in the oscillatory potential trailing a fast ion & will therefore have sầu important consequences for electron trapping.
Behind this front both ionization and electrical conductivity decay to lớn a lower value at the trailing edge of the luminous gas.
A study is made of the laminar flow in the neighbourhood of the trailing edge of an aerofoil at incidence.
In order to lớn demonstrate this surprising result, let us consider a semi-infinite strip of trailing vortices of width dy.




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