The Idle Heroes codes allow you lớn benefit from miễn phí resources that always make you happy! For the most wary, these gift codes (also called redeem codes) are neither cheating nor a scam, but rewards offered by DHGames, the game"s developer, lớn its community lớn thank it for its loyalty.

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They are not mandatory, but getting heroes like Amen-Ra (Dark Priest) or Aidomain authority (Light Mage) is hard enough lớn deprive sầu yourself of a little help. New và old players alượt thích would be wrong not to lớn use these không tính tiền và valid 2021 Idle Heroes gift codes.

Where can I find the Idle Heroes codes?

Like many games, Idle Heroes redemption codes can be found on the official social media pages. To combine business with pleasure, they offer free rewards but also keep players informed of the lakiểm tra news (updates, new heroes, special events ...).

It is also easy lớn find codes on community sites lượt thích Reddit or Discord servers by chatting with other players. Usually the community is caring và helping each other. To save sầu time, the other solution is to follow our các mục of currently valid codes at the end of the article!

Example of a gift code shared on the game"s Twitter tài khoản.

How vày I activate the exchange codes?

To activate the Idle Heroes redeem codes, simply open the game& follow a few simple steps khổng lồ collect the không lấy phí rewards. There is a sequence of numbers & letters, but the length of the codes is not always the same. As there is not always a meaning, don"t pay attention if the code doesn"t make any sense.

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Time required: 1 minute.

Steps khổng lồ activate a gift code in Idle Heroes :

Getting to the game

mở cửa the application from your phone"s thực đơn.

xuất hiện the event menu

It is located in the top right corner of your desktop with the gift wrap inhỏ.


Gift coupons usually remain active for a limited time only. So keep a cthua trận eye on social network posts or check baông chồng regularly for the lachạy thử không lấy phí rewards to retrieve. Needless khổng lồ say, a code can only be used once per player.

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List of valid Idle Heroes 2021 codes

This danh mục of valid Idle Heroes exchange codes was updated on March 1, 2021. Feel không tính tiền to bình luận on other valid codes or report expired codes!

IHSPRING2021 : 5 Scrolls of Heroic Invocation, 500 DiamondsCNNEWYEAR2021 : 50 nhân vật fragments 5 precious stars, 1 limited avatar, 5 soul boxesNEWIH2021 : 5 Scrolls of Heroic Invocation, 500 diamondsMerryXmas2020: 50 Orange Artifact Fragments, Christmas 20đôi mươi Limited Avatar, 1 Skin Fragment PackIHNICE12: 5 Heroic Invocation Scrolls, 500 gemsIHTHX11 : 5 Heroic Invocation Scrolls, 500 gemsIH777: 40 Scrolls of Heroic Invocations. (Code not lớn be missed!!)

Expired codes: SWK888, ZSY666, IHBEST10, FZQB1023, FZKHY666

That"s the over of this tip, you now know how khổng lồ get a code on Idle Heroes & win your first rewards. In order to lớn improve sầu your game experience and get better, we advise you to lớn play Idle Heroes on PC!

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