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Let"s be honest - who doesn"t like không lấy phí loot in games, right? So use these PUBG Smartphone redeem codes lớn get all the gifts that you can, before they expire!

If you"ve been around the gaming scene for a while, chances are you"re familiar with PUBG sản phẩm điện thoại. And since you"re here, I"m pretty sure that you"re also playing the game. Well, much lượt thích many other Smartphone games, PUBG điện thoại implemented a system that lets players redeem some codes for extra loot, such as cosmetics & other premium items that you"d otherwise have lớn pay for.

Before we check the codes though, I"ll quickly walk you through how to redeem codes in PUBG mobile - just in case you"re new to lớn the game & this is your first time getting them:

How to redeem codes in PUBG Mobile?

The process is pretty simple - follow the 5 steps below:Fill in the first blank with your account"s character ID that you can find in the top left corner of the screen, next to your protệp tin ibé.Type in the redemption code in the next blank.Type in the verification code in the last blank, then select Redeem - if you don"t see the code, hit Refresh.

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That"s it! Now let"s take a look at the codes.

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PUBG di động redeem codes

BBKVZBZ6FW (Rewards: PUBG Cannon Popularity)EKJONARKJO (Rewards: M416 Gun Skins)UCBYSD600 (Rewards: 600 UC Redeem Code)MIDASBUY (Rewards: Free Namethẻ and Room Card)BBKTZEZET3 (Rewards: Legendary Outfit)GOODMORNING (Rewards: 2021 Fireworks Gift)BBKRZBZBF9 (Rewards: UMP-45 Gun Skin)BAPPZBZXF5 (Rewards: UMP-45 Gun Skin)BBVNZBZ4M9 (Rewards: 2 Red Tea Popularity)


PUBG điện thoại miễn phí Rename Card codes

Below you will find some codes for Rename Cards. The codes are available only for the first 1000 people who claim them, so be quick! Some might give an error if the maximum number of code"s been redeemed already.


If you are interested in more PUBG Mobile redeem codes, stay tuned! We"ll update you as soon as we have sầu some new codes that you can redeem!

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