Tải Paint Tool Sai 2 – Easy Paint Tool Sai 2



Make as many requests as you like. : )


No guarantee, only if I have time, but I”ll do my best!


Provide Reference – the more the better.


Styles: Cell/Illustrated Painterly Pixel Cutout(If you don”t specify a style, I”ll do whatever~)Thanks everyone!



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Drawing on the Surface Pro

Apr 25, 2021

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Hey guys, hope you are all well, and well fed. Just recently, I had a go at drawing using our Surface Pro for the very first time. :0 We've had the thing for well over a year now, it's a bit silly that it took me so long to give it a try, but it's working out really well! I still use Firealpaca to do my drawing, but it's quite a different experience drawing directly onto a screen. Probably the best thing about drawing on a tablet is the ability to sit comfy & warm in bed while drawing. It took a week of solid drawing to get used to the differences, but I think I'm almost as comfortable using the tablet as I am using my Wacom, which I'm pretty happy about. All this has resulted in me drawing much more, maybe even too much… I need to make sure I get enough exercise, and take care of other (less fun)day to day tasks. If I could draw as a full time job, from home, I think that would suit me very well!
Hi everyone,I”ve been going through some challenging times, I hurt my back somehow, and it”s really painful to do anything. -_-Getting dressed is difficult, going to the bathroom, even sitting at my computer hurts. :cry:I hope it will pass soon, I”ve been quite immobile for almost a whole week now!On the flip side, we will be adopting a cat soon!We named him Merlin lava-wizard kitty-cat.How we met Merlin was chance, or maybe fate~About a month ago we were walking home from the train station after a night in the city.It was really late, almost 1am, it was really cold, and drizzling with rain, we were rugged up and speed-walking to g
Right here, in your heart, messing around in them blood corridors…Alright, actually I”ve been quite busy (& ever so slightly slightly stressed) working with a new Indie game dev team as an artist/animator.I”m having a great time, & everyone on the team is suuuper great.I”ve actually been drawing HEAPS more than usual, but of course I can”t share the content anywhere online for obvious reasons.While all that is certainly keeping me cray busy, I will forever love dA, & I will never stay away for too long mmkay.I love you guys.Now that I have a bit of a work rhythm going, I hope I will have a little extra time for persona

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I”m setting up a new online store!I”m pretty excited about it, and I”m in the process of uploading designs, which takes a bit of time, so bear with me…Bookmark the page and check back frequently for new designs, or follow my store if you have a Threadless account!:star: sleepyvoodlethreadless :star:If you like what you see totally share it around, every sale helps towards my dream of feeding myself via art.Thanks so much everyone~